Ciara (Singer) Ethnicity, Family & Nationality

Full name Ciara Princess Harris was born in Texas in 1985 and her Ethnicity if mixed. Find out her family including parents, nationality & religion she follow. Harris is the epitome of versatility. She is extraordinary in her approach to all the sectors of her life and is the very human version of the vision… Read More »

Anya Taylor Joy

British actress Anya Taylor Joy was born on 1996 has mixed ethnicity. Find out her family detail including siblings, religion, hair and eye color, height, age, personal detail. She is an actress who was born in America and later shifted to United Kingdom. She earned fame as she stepped out of her teenage years.

Christel Khalil Ethnicity, Family & Religion

Full name is Christel Adnana Khalil was born in Los Angeles has mixed ethnicity. Find out her family detail including siblings, religion and children. She is a well known American actress, gained fame from her role as Lily Ashby in the famous soap opera The Young and the Restless. Christel started acting from a very… Read More »

Rose Bertram Mixed Ethnicity, Siblings, Family

Her full name is Stephanie Rose Bertram born in 1994 has mixed ethnicity. Find out her family, height, hair & eye color and religion she follow. The Belgian model Rose Bertram stepped into modelling when she was hardly 13 by her mother. She was officially launched by the Dominique agency when she was 16. She… Read More »

Joseline Hernandez — Ethnicity, Siblings, Family

Joseline Hernandez was born in 1986 has mixed Ethnicity. Find out her siblings name, children from last marriage, family, net worth, religion & personal detail. Fans of Hollywood are not unaware of Joseline Hernandez but how many of us have ever looked into her life in details? Also known as the “Puerto-Rican princess”, she is… Read More »

Danielle Bregoli Ethnicity, Father and Family

Teen tv personality Danielle Bregoli was born in 2003 however her Ethnicity is mixed. Find out family including father, real height and age, net worth and facts. Among all the teen sensations who goes viral in some or the other ways, Danielle Bregoli is one of them. The development of web culture has lead to… Read More »

Wendy Williams Ethnicity, Siblings, Religion, Father

Full name Wendy Joan Williams was born in New Jersey has mixed Ethnicity. Find out her siblings name, including father, family and religion she follow.  She is an extremely popular multi-talented personality who is famous as a television host, actress and radio personality.

Gabriel Conte – Ethnicity, Family, Religion

Gabriel Conte is a Youtuber whose ethnicity is mixed. Find out his bio from height, age, family, religion he follow, siblings and net worth detail. The YouTube video creator, Gabriel Conte came to popularity by making short, funny videos and skits on the app Vine, which made him have more than 1.9 million followers. Gabriel… Read More »

Ingrid Nilsen — Ethnicity, Family, Height, Age, Facts

Ingrid Nilsen is better known as Missglamorazzi has mixed Ethnicity. Find out her family details including height, age, boyfriend, net worth and facts. She is a well known American YouTube star and was born on 1989 in California. She has a Norwegian descent from her father’s side and a Thai descent from mother’s side. She… Read More »

Ruth B — Ethnicity, Family, Height, Age, Nationality

Better known as Ruth B, she was born in 1995 carrying mixed Ethnicity. Find out her family detail, height, age, nationality, education, religion and facts. This Canadian singer and songwriter was born on 2nd July, 1995 in Alberta and belongs to multiracial ethnicity. Basically, she is of Ethiopian descent.  Though not much is known about… Read More »